Simba at the
41st Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta - 2012
October 6 - 14. 2012 - New Mexico USA

From the 6th till the 14th of October 2012, we (the Belgian Simba Balloon Team) have participated the 41st Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta (New Mexico - USA). Nice  dream days, a 'sunny - clear and full of balloons' sky, over 600 balloons from over 50 countries, a mass of people enjoying to stay near and into the balloons from early morning to late night, building together one of the most beautiful balloon events in the world. This is in brief the summary of the marvellous days of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 2012.

With 'Simba the Lion King' from South Africa, we brought a message against the poaching on the Rhino in Africa and a message to protect the wildlife.

On this page you will find the links to PHOTOS (click the thumbnails) and VIDEOS made by Ludo Verhoeven, photographer of the Belgian Simba Balloon Team with pilot Lowie, during the 41st Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 2012. Sit down, relax and enjoy viewing this pictures and videos.





Day 0 - Thursday & Friday Oct 4-5.2012

Departure from Brussels.
Arriving at the fiesta field.
Preparing the basket ...

Balloonnumber = 500
Location at the launch field = M1


Picking up the balloon

Day 1 - Saterday Oct 6.2012

Wake up at 3:45 am and that for the next 8 days.

First day at the launch field.


Driving to the launch field

At the launch field

Fireworks Show

Day 2 - Sunday Oct 7.2012

Sunday at the launch field.

Visiting the Albuquerque Old Town.

Breakfast & American Hymn

Simba setup & packing

Propane tanking

Balloon glow

Fireworks Show

Day 3 - Monday Oct 8.2012M

Monday at the launch field.


Belgian Waffles Breakfast

Briefing Control Tower

American Hymn
& Flying competition

Another competition

Day 4 - Tuesday Oct 9.2012

Tuesday at the launch field.

First ride with the Simba balloon.

Simba balloon take off
Part #1 of the ride

Part #2 of the ride

Part #3 of the ride
with a stop and go

Packing the balloon

Self service after the ride

Day 5 - Wednesday Oct 10.2012

Wednesday at the launch field.

Launch field impressions
American Hymn

Packing the balloon after
landing at the Golf Course

Traffic control

Day 6 - Thursday Oct 11.2012

Thursday at the launch field.

Balloon ride over Albuquerque City.

American Hymn

Launch Simba Balloon

Ride over Albuquerque

Landing Shopping Bag

Packing the Simba balloon

Carving & TV-interview

Day 7 - Friday Oct 12.2012

No activity at the launch field because of the weather conditions in Albuquerque.

We have visited Sante Fe.


Day 8 - Saturday Oct 13.2012

Saterday at the launch field.

Lowie live on KOB-TV

Launch field impressions

Setting up Simba
Deflating Simba
Packing Simba


No comments

Evening glow

Day 9 - Sunday Oct 14.2012

Sunday and last Balloon Fiesta 2012 day.
Once more impressions and once more a fantastic day.


Preparing for launch & launch

Start chasing Simba

Safe landing & Deflating

Packing Simba

Preparing transport to Belgium

Delivering basket & balloon

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